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-Canon C300 mkII
-Canon C300

-Canon 7D
-Canon T5i

-GoPro Hero4 Black
-GoPro Hero3 Black

Camera Support:

-Zacuto C300 Baseplate
-Wooden Camera C300 Baseplate
-Jag35 SmallRig C300 System
-Jag35 Offset Rail System
-Ikan Flyweight Straight Rail System
-Zacuto Target Shooter
-Zacuto DSLR Baseplate

-Letus Helix 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer
-Kessler Shuttle Dolly
-Sachtler Video 18 Tripod
-Manfrotto 504HD Tripod
-Aviator Travel Jib
-Ikan LTTD Table Dolly

Camera Assist and Lenses:

-SmallHD 502 w/ Sidefinder Attachment
-SmallHD 702 Bright
-SmallHD DP4 w/EVF Attachment

Focus Assist
-Ikan PD3 Wireless Follow Focus
-Redrock 18” Focus Whip
-DFocus Follow Focus v3
-DFocus Follow Focus v4

Image Control
-DFocus DMatte Matte Box
-LightCraftWorkshop Fader ND

-Canon 70-200mm IS II f/2.8
-Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
-Canon 28-135mm f/4-5.6
-Canon 18-135mm STM f/4-5.6
-Canon 10-22mm f/3-4.5
-Nikon 18-55mm f/4-5.6
-Rokinon 85mm T1.2
-Canon 50mm f/1.8
-Canon 40mm f/1.8
-Rokinon 35mm f/1.4
-Rokinon 14mm f/1.4

-Sony NF-557 Battery w/ Chargers (x2)
-Anton Bauer 90wh (x6)
-Quad Charger for AB


Shotgun Mics
-MXL FR-304 14” Shotgun
-Audio Technica AT875R 6″ Shotgun
-Rode Video Mic Pro
-Ktek Boom Pole w/ Gitzo Shock Mount

Lavalier Mics
-Senheiser G3 Wireless Lav
-Sony Wired Lav Mic

-Zoom H4n
-Tascam DR-60


-Quasar Science 4′ Bi-Color (x2)
-Ikan IFB-1024 LED 2 light Kit
-Aperture 528w LED Light
-Impact 300w Tungsten Focus/Flood
-Cowboy Studio Flood Kit
-DIY Worklight Kit
—–500-watt halogen fixtures (x2)
—–250-watt fixture
—–Clamp Light Fixtures (x8)
-On-Camera LED Light (x2)

Lighting Control
-5-way reflector (x2)
-Light Umbrellas (x2)
-Lighting gel kit
-Airbox Lights 1×1 Inflatable Softbox (x2)
-18” Chinaballs (x3)

-Avenger C-Stand (x2)
-Impact Light Stand (x4)
-Cowboy Studio Light Stand (x4)
-Ikan Light Stand (x2)

Miscellaneous Lighting Accessories
-Impact Sandbags (x10)
-25’ Stingers (x8)
-50’ Stinger (x4)
-Assorted Mounts and Clamps

Miscellaneous Production Equipment:

-20’x20′ Chroma Green Muslin Backdrop
-Advent Walkies w/Chargers (x4)
-800 watt power inverter
-100 watt power inverter