What I do


As a producer it's my job to see a project from conception through completion. A producer is much more than just a number cruncher, and we help bring life to every project we're on. That's why I strive to find projects that are as unique as they are compelling and make sure they're completed to their fullest.


Cinematography allows me to put my techie, nerdy, gear-head demeanor to use in a way that helps create beautiful images. To put it simply, working with cameras and lights makes me happy. I love using cinematographers’ tools to enhance the emotion and story of my work.


As a child of the digital age I've grown up with technology; so it makes sense that I love being around film gear. Over the last few years I’ve amassed a solid base of camera, lighting, & audio equipment; & my inventory is ever growing. I’ve started offering low cost rentals from my personal stock. Check out my Gear page for a full list.

News & Updates