Vancouver Vacation

It’s been over a month since I finished my NAB Spotlight posts and almost two since NAB itself. Since getting back from Vegas both Loretta and I have been working pretty much non-stop and it was time for a well-needed vacation. Now that things are starting to slow down, I can get back to getting posts out.


We took off to Vancouver, BC towards the end of May. It was an absolutely amazing trip full of beer, whiskey, food, and sights. It also didn’t hurt that it was Loretta’s birthday and I got to experience the city with her.


We wanted this to be a true vacation and neither of us even brought a camera (iPhone cameras don’t count). Stepping away from the lens and really experiencing the city was rejuvenating and propelled me into the end of May and into June.


Over the five days we were there I tried 39 new beers. All local beers. Most absolutely delicious. A few that were extremely stellar. We even checked out a local distillery that serves house-made vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey. Blackberry Honey Whiskey Lemonade… do I need to say more?


We ate some amazing food, everything from poutine to Japadog (Japanese fusion hot dogs); got awesome dim sum in Chinatown; and sampled and bought the best maple syrup I’ve ever had.


Vancouver felt a lot like San Francisco, but without the hills. We were able to walk everywhere and experienced most of the city. We trekked through Stanley Park, saw the Chinese Gardens, and shopped on Granville Island; all by foot.


Vancouver was peaceful and relaxing, everything a good vacation should be. I’d gladly go back and would love to shoot there some day. Taking this break has my head back in the right space and I’ll have some new gear reviews and tutorials, as well as new Monthly Inspiration and Freelancing posts coming out in the next few weeks.






Vancouver Vacation

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