The Power of Social Media on Ego and Confidence

This may just be because I’m an attention whore, but when I look at the site stats for my blog, or my play stats on vimeo (, I get a warm fuzzy feeling. I know that I’ve just re-launched the blog, but over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a huge number of views, or at least more than I expected; and I know that many of these are more than likely to not return (Jerks!); but even these small (large for me) numbers give me a very positive feeling about what I’m writing. And because I’ve also posted my videos from vimeo on my blog, I’ve seen a spike in my viewership there. Not a lot. But every view gives me a little bit more confidence.

The same thing happens with twitter (@jdwiden), facebook, and even email ( When I see that I’ve got a new DM, or a retweet, a comment, a reply; when someone interacts with me within my social media realm, it feels good. Obviously not as good as real, live praise. But I’ve found myself checking and rechecking sites and emails, waiting for a reply. And when one comes in, I feel my confidence raise that much more. Even higher when it’s potential employers or colleagues. And when someone I look up to professionally responds, it reassures me that I’m in the right field.

The concept is simple: People like positive reinforcement. In fact, the other day I received my first blog comment, which made me just about jump out of my shoes, and from that, it made me want to write again. That produced this very post. It’s an ever-going cycle. I post, the audience responds, I write more, and so on. Just knowing that people take any amount of time on MY work is a boost in and of itself.

So what has this got to do with filmmaking, and careers, and life in general? It all goes back to that cycle. Put something out there, get feedback, make more. Social media like twitter, blogs, and video share sites, if used correctly, can be a great source of energy for an artist to continue making work. It doesn’t have to just be about what people had for breakfast. Social media is a tool, just as much as a camera or software is. I know personally, as I’ve been trying to break into the film business, things like twitter and blogs have been a great source of information, inspiration, and confidence.

I guess the long and short of it comes down to this: make work, and put it out there. Because even if the feedback is “negative” or not what you wanted to hear, it’s still feedback, and it’s still food for the ego.

Anyway, that’s the end of my ramble, time to go make more work.

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  • Dave

    I usually get most of my positive reenforcement from the south pacific.

    April 26, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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