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Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post… and what a crazy busy month it’s been. So far 2013 is shaping up really well, and there are a lot of things I’m working on for later this year. I haven’t given a solid update on the state of things in a while so, this post will hopefully catch us all up before I move into summer reviews and tutorials.

I took some time after the end of the semester to decompress. I took Loretta and Zero camping in Michigan (see Loretta’s post about it here:, I sorted through my office and apartment, I cleaned out the clutter and got reset, and now I’m finally ready to look back at how much actually happened that last few months.



I guess there’s no better place to start than with my biggest time consumer… school. Life as a grad student is hectic. More than I ever thought it would be. And on top of the normal craziness, we had 13 credits this semester… 9 is full-time, so 13 is insane. And to add to the insanity, we had two BIG projects this semester that weren’t even for our classes!

The papers, the day-to-day assignments, the never-ending meetings… these have become my life. But I still managed to get on 7 MFA projects this semester. I worked as everything from producer, to scripty, to PA; I even DP’ed a few projects; …and I loved every minute of those sets. But, Loretta was not very pleased…

One of my big projects from this semester I have really high hopes for. I collaborated with CJ Richter ( to develop the story for For Pete’s Sake, we shot it over the course of three days and went straight into post. We’re still finalizing it, but so far it’s looking great; and once it’s ready to show, I’ll post it up.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.49.17 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.49.53 AM


Speaking of sets… In the beginning of March I worked with Kevin Otterness (Posthouse Pictures) on a new music video. That kicked off a run of productions that would fill my every free second, and every weekend, until NAB in April. Then, after NAB I was fortunate enough to get even more work.


So what’s the big deal? While I’m usually able to find work easily (mostly PA work), the projects I’ve been attaching myself to have been closer to the camera department. And when I say closer, I mean IN the camera department. Since NAB, I’ve DP’ed two shorts, and AC’ed on three. And I’ve got another shoot with Kevin coming up in June!

NAB this year proved very fruitful, garnering me a lot of great new contacts; and I always love seeing my old friends!


This was my second year at NAB, and it was just as great as last year. Last year, I went in with a mission; to connect with Chicago filmmakers, because I knew I was moving out here. But, this year, I went without that mission, and I came out with just as many new contacts and projects.

I brought some of my classmates along with me, and I think they got a lot out of it as well. Being able to further immerse someone into the film industry is a great feeling.


Towards the end of last year I posted a review of the Ikan Flyweight rig (, and they had asked if they could use a quote from my review in their booth; so of course I said “yes.” What I had expected was to see my quote on a wall with a bunch of others… I was wrong. Seeing my name up on their wall was awesome. Sort of like saying “Hey Jeremy, you’re doing something right.”


As great as NAB was, and as many leads that came out of it, the biggest thing that came out the convention though was pulling the trigger on a new camera.


I’ve been looking to move up and out of the world of DSLR’s for a while, and now I have. I went through AbelCine and purchased a C300 package (also grabbed a couple new lenses). Hands down, the biggest purchase I’ve ever made, but it’ll be worth it.


Along with the camera, I grabbed a Wooden Camera ( baseplate for my shoulder rig. I haven’t had a lot of chance to play with it yet, but I’ll have a review of it coming out sometime this summer. I also picked up a Canon 24-70mm lens and a 70-200mm. I love this new package so much. The best part is: IT’S ALL AVAILABLE FOR RENT!

IMG_0627 IMG_0623

With the addition of the C300, I can honestly say that I can go out and shoot projects and really not need to rent (at least not all the time). And now I have a camera to shoot my thesis on.



Yes, thesis. I know I’ve only been back in school for a year, but it’s already time to start working on my graduating project. I had a rough semester of developing a project with someone who ultimately didn’t work out. But, after my decompress, I’m jumping back into it with a new vigor.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.19.08 PM

I’ve got a great idea for a project, one that I’m actually excited to shoot! And what’s better, I’m working with two friends from the directing program that have similar styles and desires as I do. Cooper Justus ( is writing my script, and Aaron Mills is directing it. The three of us together will come up with an amazing short film.

Stay tuned for A LOT more information on The Jog.


The last few months have been crazy hectic. But, if it wasn’t then that means I did something wrong. School is crazy, and work is exhausting, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love this industry, and I’m really looking forward to what this summer, and next semester have in store for me.

Looking forward, I’ve got a lot of new gear to review for you all, new movies to rant about, and a lot of projects on the docket. I will do my best to stay up to date with the blog now that we’ve switched over!

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