2015: A Post Mortem (Finally)

2015 has come and gone. It was an insane (in a good way) year, both professionally and personally. It was my first full year of freelancing full-time, I traveled, got engaged, and pushed my work to the next level with some new gear. If 2014 was defined by “transition,” then 2015 could be described as “growth.”

2015 Post Mortem

2014: A Post Mortem

The holidays have come and passed and 2014 has come to a close. As we move forward in the new year it’s important to look back at all that 2014 was so that we can make the best of 2015. For me, this year can be described in one word: transition. I started the year as a grad student in Chicago, moved to San Francisco, was in LA for a while, and am now working as a full-time freelancer. It’s been a great year with lots of ups, some downs, and has finally started me down the path I want to be on.

2014: A Post Mortem

2012: A Post-Mortem

Since it’s the time of year when companies summarize the year they’ve had, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a check in, here’s my post-mortem on 2012. Last year I kept it under 600 words; there's no way I'm going to be able...