Ikan IFB-1024 LED Light Review

Going into production of my Columbia College thesis film, The Jog (facebook.com), I knew I was going to be needing something a little different for lighting.

Most of the film takes place outdoors, which means using natural light or having a generator. We wanted to have lights for making the punch ins easier, but also didn’t want to hassle with running lines and dealing with noise from the generator; meaning that our lights had to be battery-powered. The first thing that came to mind were LED panel lights.


Cowboy Studio Lights

About a month ago I stumbled upon the DSLR Film Noob's review (http://www.dslrfilmnoob.com) of the Cowboy Studio CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light)  light rig, and I decided to look a little more into it. He basically said that, for the price, these are a good lighting...

DIY Diffuser Boxes

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend was freaking out during her finals. She needed to take product shots and the lights she was using were just too harsh for her liking. So, while she’s running around at a hundred miles an hour, freaking out,...