Special Camera Service GoPro Jib Review

I got my hands on the Special Camera Service GoPro Jib (specialcameraservice.com) a few months ago, and I finally got around to testing it. I purchased it at the pre sale price for , but it’s currently at , plus tax and shipping.


Here’s a quick test video I shot with the SCS GoPro Jib:

Special Camera Service GoPro Jib Test Footage from Jeremy Widen on Vimeo.

You can see the video here (https://vimeo.com/84210328) if it isn’t displaying properly.

I was initially drawn to this jib because it supports a tilt function. I’ve used a number of smaller and/or cheaper jibs that are great for sweeping movements, but usually lack tilt. So, seeing that option in a $40 jib was nice.


The jib head uses a 1/4-20″ screw to mount, so you’ll need the GoPro Tripod Adapter (gopro.com) to attach the camera. And the tension wire uses an easy twist lock. The handles are coated in rubber, and screw right onto the jib frame.




Assembly of the jib is easy. A couple of screw twists, and linking up the tilt wire, and you’re done. All tolled, it sets up in less than 10 minutes. It comes with two extension rods and two tilt wire lengths, allowing you to have either a 4ft or 3ft boom arm.


The one thing you want to be sure to check though is the alignment of the camera attachment. It’s easy to bypass this, and then the jib is twisted.


The whole jib packs down really small. So, if you’re adding it to a GoPro kit, it’d be easy to make the addition. The jib is made of carbon fiber, making it super light weight and easy to transport.


It packs into two sleeve bags. One bag for the two extension rods and the mounting plate rod; and a second bag for the handles and tilt wires.


The video was just a quick test, but I immediately saw some shake in the footage (most of the shots in my test video have warp stabilizer applied). This is due in large to the fact that there’s not counterbalance and the jib is VERY front heavy. A work around is to use A-Clamps to balance out the weight.3


An added bonus to the jib is that it’s lightweight enough that if you wanted to not use it on a tripod, it offers a really nice extension for booming over crowds or fences.


Overall, the SCS GoPro Jib is really well-built; but it feels more like a toy. Being too short to offer any real use in pro applications and lacking a counterbalance hinder the SCS jib. But, for $65 US it’s a pretty fun bit of gear. You get about 4ft of boom arm, and it has tilt function.


Special Camera Service GoPro Jib Review

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