Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: MXL Mini Mixer+

Now that the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 17th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new or exciting that I saw. These are being released in no particular order.

Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: MXL Mini Mixer+

MXL Mini Mixer+

As technology progresses cameras are getting better and smaller; iPhones have become a powerful tool for indie filmmakers, students, and journalists. But as we progress the camera tech we also need to progress the audio technology for those cameras. That’s where the MXL Mini Mixer+ comes in.


The Mini Mixer+ is a compact mixer designed to work with mobile media. Instead of large XLR based mixers that can be costly and overkill for a lot of mobile productions, the Mini Mixer+ is all 1/8″ jack based. It has four 1/8″ TRRS inputs and one 1/8″ line out jack; making it a great solution for those wanting solid audio when shooting videos with their mobile devices. Each mic input has an individual gain control, as does the line out.


The Mini Mixer+ powered via AA batteries and should be able to run all day on a single set. It comes with two 1/8″ to 1/8″ cables (one TRRS-TRRS, one TRRS-TRS), so you can run audio from the mixer straight into your device; and it’s compatible with all MXL Mobile Media microphones or any 1/8″ dynamic mic. Unfortunately the Mini Mixer+ does not support phantom power.


For anyone with XLR based mics, MXL has you covered with the MM-131, an adapter that converts the XLR signal to digital 1/8″ TRRS. The adapter has its own variable gain control for pre-mixing the mics before being sent to the Mini Mixer+. Having this adapter means that you can use professional mics for better audio, just make sure they don’t need phantom power.


MXL’s new line of mobile media mics, MM-131 adapter, and Mini Mixer+ are designed to work within Filmic Pro, which now offers live audio monitoring so you can have better control of the audio being recorded into your device. This combination is going to make production quality on student projects and “YouTube” style projects skyrocket.


The Mini Mixer+ is set to be released some time this fall at an estimated $200, making it super accessible for schools and those shooting on mobile. The MM-131 will have a $70 price tag and will also be released this fall; the low price point makes it a must have if you’re planning on shooting mobile and want to keep your XLR mics. More information about MXL’s mobile line can be found on their site.






Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: MXL Mini Mixer+

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