Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: SmallHD DP7 Pro

Now that the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 11th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new that I saw. *note* These are being released in no particular order*


SmallHD DP7 Pro

I’m already a big fan of SmallHD ( monitors, and every year they step up their game. This year they unveiled the DP7 Pro, a cost-effective monitor that you can color grade from on set and send the signal down to another monitor.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 5.30.58 PM

The newest monitor from SmallHD has controls for you to do simple color grading right on the monitor. By utilizing SmallHD’s color spectrum and control design you have complete control of how your outboard image looks. More image control= easier post process= less cost= happy clients.


You can then send that signal out from the DP7 Pro and out to another monitor. This means you can have your client/director/producer/anyone-who-needs-to see an image closer to what it would look like after post production. Not having to explain the image to them makes for ease and speed on set.


With the use of the on-board SD card slot you import and export 3D LUTs right on the monitor. If you’re creating or adjusting an LUT on set you can save it out for import into your post process; and if you’re working with an existing file the DP7 Pro easily brings that file into the system.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 5.31.15 PM

And just like all SmallHD monitors the DP7 Pro is light, durable, and cost-effective. SmallHD utilizes a unique internal frame build that makes the monitor more ergonomic than other monitors, but is still super durable for use on set. The DP7 Pro-OLED, a 7.7″ monitor, will only set you back $2300.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 5.31.52 PM

SmallHD monitors have become pretty standard on set; and with the use of heavy compositing being the trend, being able to color grade in monitor will be an extremely useful tool. Find more information about all the great SmallHD monitors at; and follow them on twitter (@SmallHD) for more information.





Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: SmallHD DP7 Pro

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