Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: Kessler UniDrive/Parralax

Now that the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 11th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new that I saw. *note* These are being released in no particular order*

**note** I apologize for the delay in these posts, I’ve been battling WordPress back-end bugs.**


Kessler Crane UniDrive

Motion control rigs were everywhere on the show floor this year. But Kessler Crane ( has become one of the top brands to look for. This year they unveiled a new motion control rig, the UniDrive.


The control unit is really easy to navigate and offers complete control over the speed and duration of your motion controlled slide. The motor that comes with the unit is really powerful, and is able to pull a full cinema rig, or a DSLR on an incline. And at ~$600 it’s definitely one of the more budget friendly units, especially if you’ve already got a Kessler slider.


What’s cool about the UniDrive is that it comes in both a single axis and in a three axis model. The single axis allows you to get super smooth sliding moves, and the three axis adds pan and tilt functions. All three movements are able to be completely keyframe controlled for super dynamic movements.


Kessler Crane Parralax

At last year’s show Redrock Micro unveiled the One Man Crew, a rig that allows for a motorized sliding movement that keeps the camera focused on a fixed point. This means that a single person could have smooth sliding movements during interviews. Not to be outdone, at this year’s show Kessler unveiled the Parralax.


The Parralax is another rig that allows for fixed-point sliding movements. But what sets it apart is that you’re able to adjust how far out the focal point is. It works in conjunction with the UniDrive, and instead of being all encased as a single unit (like the One Man Crew) it’s attached to an already existing Kessler Crane Slider.


The one big issue I have with both the UniDrive and the Parralax is that they only work with Kessler sliders (which makes sense). But, I’d love to have the Parralax on a a different slider, or be able to slap the UniDrive on a different set of rails. For now, this is just another reason for me to invest in a Kessler Crane slider.


Neither are available for purchase yet, but will be in the next few months. You can get more information about these, and other solid camera movement products at; and be sure to follow them on twitter (@KesslerCrane).

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Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: Kessler UniDrive/Parralax

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