Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: Andra Motion Focus

Now that the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 11th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new that I saw. *note* These are being released in no particular order*

**note** I apologize for the delay in these posts, I’ve been battling WordPress back-end bugs.**


Andra Motion Focus System

Focus is critical to every shot of every film ever. Sure, you can play with where your focus and have out of focus shots for effect. But usually you want your subject in focus. And when that subject is moving around that means you need to somehow pull focus. But what if the focus unit could pull focus for you? That is exactly what the Andra Motion Focus ( does.


There are a lot of wireless follow focus systems out in the market, but Andra is the first company to automate the process. It uses a focus motor like most wireless follow focuses do, but you can control it via an iPad app that allows you to manually adjust how the unit is controlled. It also has a hand unit, called the Arc, which is very much like remote focus units but has a touch screen control instead of a focus wheel.


The way it autotracks is the same way a motion capture rig works. It uses a magnet attached to the talent to follow along with their movements. But instead of the mo-cap placing points, it pull on the focus motor.


If you’re a shooter working on your own where you’d traditionally have to pull focus from a shoulder rig, the Andra could be a great tool. Or, if you’re shooting run-and-gun guerrilla style where you don’t have a lot of time to rehearse for camera to get the focus right; then the Andra could be the perfect option to get your shots and get out.W6A3538-Forman

It even seems like a solid system for studio work where the actors “improvise” their movements. Sometimes directors tell the actors to just go with it, and the Andra could keep you in focus. Likewise, if you have an actor that can’t seem to find their mark, the Andra could help you stay sharp.


The Andra hasn’t started shipping yet, and is up for preorder now. So once they start getting into the hands of shooter, we’ll see how well it stands up to set life, but I have high hopes. You can preorder the Andra on their site,; and follow them on twitter (@ANDRASYSTEM) for more info.

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Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: Andra Motion Focus

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