Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: AJA CION

Now that the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 11th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new that I saw. *note* These are being released in no particular order*

**note** I apologize for the delay in these posts, I’ve been battling WordPress back-end bugs.**



For the last few years Black Magic has stolen the show for camera releases, and they had new cams this year; but AJA ( was not outdone this year. The CION is AJA’s first camera body, and they jumped right into the 4K market. AJA has tried to make the CION a solid solution for studio and field use with super user friendly interfaces and layout.


AJA is really well known for their external recorders so they took that tech directly into the CION. It can record straight to Apple ProRes 422 or 444, and can do 60fps in 4K; but if you output to AJA Raw you can get 120fps at 4K. Because the CION is built around a recorder you can throw an SSD right into the camera and record straight to that (no need for an external recorder).

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 11.15.38 AM

The CION has a PL mount for all our nice cine glass and has a 4K APS-C sensor. The camera also has all the input/output connections you’d expect to see, so you don’t have to fiddle and rig it like you would a DSLR or the Black Magic Cinema Camera.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 11.16.02 AM

One of the nice things about the CION is the way AJA constructed the body itself. It feels a lot like an Alexa (built in shoulder pad, rosettes, rod mount), but in a lighter form factor. AJA took 3rd party accessories to mind when they developed the body, offering compatibility with other manufacturers’ monitors, rods, battery plates, etc.


The way the CION is rigged makes it a great camera for studio work, but the ergonomics make it awesome for field work too; and while it seems like more of an ENG/broadcast camera it’s set up in a way that would make it solid for cinema work too. I look forward to seeing more footage when the CION starts shipping.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 11.17.04 AM

The AJA CION was probably the most exciting camera to come out at NAB this year, and with a $9000 price tag it’s definitely a tempting option for 4K cameras. You can find more specs on the CION at, and follow their twitter (@AJAVideo) for updates.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 11.19.55 AM




Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: AJA CION

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