Ok, Holy Wow!

Hello Readers!

I know I’ve been somewhat absent the last few weeks. I haven’t forgotten you. So don’t fret, there is new content coming soon. It’s been a doozy of a semester. Slam packed with projects and work and school.

But, here’s whats coming soon:

1) Gear posts! I have some great new pieces of gear to get out there. And some comparison reviews to boot.
2) BOOKS! I’m compiling a list of books and reviewing them for your perusal. (Not just books, but film books, books about film, books that make you go “wow, camera pron!”)
3) Monthly Inspiration! It’s coming. Hopefully tonight. Just for you fine folks.
4) Grad School! I promise I’ll get  y’all (that’s right, I went full-Texan on you) caught up on how life at Columbia is going.

Til then, keep the comments and messages coming, and fear not, for new posts are among us!

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