NAB 2016 Top 10: Part 2

I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging regularly, but I figured the best way to come back is with come NAB coverage (and I apologize for this being so far after the show, I got swamped with unexpected work). This year, instead of doing a product spotlight on lots of different products, I’m going to narrow down what I saw into just 10 products that I think were awesome (or just excited me) because they have new features, are cost-effective, or are things I may actually get. *note: product descriptions are just an overview, I encourage you to visit the links to find out more information.*

NAB 2016 Top 10

Here’s Part 2 of my NAB 10:

5. Wipster

For anyone that deals with having multiple clients giving their opinion on edits Wipster is a godsend. For $15/month/user the service allows you to upload versions of an edit for review, clients can then tag notes right to the video, and a checklist will help the editor knock out edits quicker. Assuming clients aren’t waiting weeks to give notes, Wipster means making edits is seamless and fast.

NAB 2016 Top 10

Wipster’s been around for a while, but this year they’ve added new integration with Premiere Pro. You can down add a panel straight into the Premiere Pro interface that allows you to upload edits without leaving PP. Once notes are given they import straight to the timeline as markers for the editor to work on. Even if you’re not regularly an editor this will pay off big time in the end.

4. LiteGear LiteMat

The LiteMat from LiteGear is another killer product that while not new, is new to me. A buddy at the show brought me around to these and holy crap I want some. These LED panels are thin enough to travel, but sturdy enough to handle the rigors of set life. They come in daylight, tungsten, or hybrid and pack a huge punch in a small form.

NAB 2016 Top 10

You can get the LiteMats in multiple different sizes, and all of them are rated at a CRI of 95 (meaning no color correction gels). The units come with the panel and a lightweight dimmer, and at $900 for the basic LiteMat 1 kit (LED panel, dimmer/power supply, diffusion, and Kino-Flo style center mount) they’re a great deal.

3. Tilta MB-T12 Matte Box

Tilta is one of my go-to booths every year; I love their products but haven’t ever been interested in purchasing because the price/value ratio was never high enough for me, until now. This year Tilta brought out the MB-T12, a lightweight carbon fiber matte box that can work as either a snap-on or us a 15mm rod adapter to go right onto a rig.

NAB 2016 Top 10

The MB-T12 has three stages of 4×5.65 filter trays (unfortunately none rotate) and are built for snapping onto 114mm lenses (comes with adapters for 80mm and 95mm). The whole package is less than 3lbs (less depending on how you rig it) making it perfect for gimbal use; and at $850 it definitely has my interest piqued.

2. Cineo HS2 and HSX Panels

Speaking of go-to booths, I first found Cineo a few years ago and now they’re a regular stop. I’ve already been a big fan of the remote phosphor technology behind the Matchstix and Matchbox so when I saw two new panels at the show I was super excited. The HS2 and HSX are two new models that feature the same phosphor plates but offer a bunch of new features.

NAB 2016 Top 10

The HS2 is an upgrade from the HS that uses an external ballast with DMX control to give zero color shift as you dim up and down. It’s got a ton of punch with minimal power draw and super even, clean light. The HSX is the first color tunable (can dial in colors without changing phosphor plates) model; it’s DMX controllable just like the HS2 and has the same clean, even light from 0-100% dim. Both units use a heat sync instead of a fan, so they’re whisper quiet. Can’t wait to get my hands on these guys!

1. Ikan PD3 Wireless Follow Focus

Ever since I got my Helix last year I’ve been working on expanding out the kit with a wireless follow focus. I’ve used a bunch of them, but just like with Tilta, there’s never been anything that was solid enough AND fell inside my price range; but that changed this year with the Ikan PD3 wireless unit. If you’re familiar with the PD line, this is a big step up from the PD1.

NAB 2016 Top 10

The PD3 is extremely well-built. It’s lightweight and can be powered via my Helix battery pack (essential for gimbal work), the hand remote has almost zero latency and works with the iPhone 6 to show a digital readout of focus, zoom, and iris (you can daisy chain and control up to three motors from one unit). I was able to pick up a single motor unit at the show with a big discount, but the Ikan site lists the single motor (with hand unit) at $1750.


This was a great year at NAB. Nothing really groundbreaking, but a lot of really exciting new tools and upgrades to things I already loved. As always though, the highlight of the show was the people. I loved reconnecting with old friends, making some new ones, and getting to talk to all the vendors about gear all week.





NAB 2016 Top 10: Part 2

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