Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Really Right Stuff

Now that the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 17th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new or exciting that I saw. These are being released in no particular order.

Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Really Right Stuff

Really Right Stuff

I’m always on the hunt for well built and versatile peripheral equipment for my camera and there’s a lot of options out there: Zacuto, Redrock Micro, Wooden Camera, etc. Really Right Stuff is another one of those options, but is one that you may not know a lot about. RRS has traditionally made support equipment for still cameras but this year they were showing off some cool options for motion shooters as well.


A lot of their motion product is still being tested, but looks very promising. They’re seeking to eliminate 15mm and 19mm rods in favor for a dove tail/ NATO rail rig. This in conjunction with their existing quick release plates creates a completely modular and versatile setup that can support a number of different camera setups. Part of what I love about the new rigging is that existing components aren’t being forgotten or replaced, and RRS is looking at making adapters for most major products to work on their new system.


Tripods are another thing I’m always looking at. As the cameras I work with get bigger and, once fully kitted out, heavier I need tripods that can support more weight. I don’t want to spend $5000+ on a tripod, and Really Right Stuff has some offerings that may work well for what I need. They have a whole line of carbon fiber, twist lock tripods that are being estimated with 80+lbs weight loads. One of the things I’m in the market for is a low profile tripod that can get low without getting spread too far, and the TP-243 looks like right for me.


Really Right Stuff has been making high quality photography gear since the 1990’s. Their products are all high quality builds that have been tested in some of the most rigorous environments on the planet and still hold up years later. I’m expecting the same durability and longevity out of their motion products.


Most of the Really Right Stuff tripods and photography equipment is already available for sale on their website. The motion products aren’t quite ready for the market, and the adapters for different products are still being worked on; but I expect RRS to begin releasing their dove tail/ NATO rail system by the end of the year.






Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Really Right Stuff

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