Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Cineo Matchbox

Now that the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas is over it’s time to do some coverage! Starting on April 17th and going until the end of the month I will be doing a spotlight on what was good at the show. Each day I’ll focus on something new or exciting that I saw. These are being released in no particular order.

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Cineo Matchbox

Last year I did a spotlight on the fantastic Cineo Matchstix; this year Cineo came back with the Matchbox. The Matchbox is a portable, lightweight, powerhouse light with about 1000 lumens of output.


Just like the Matchstix, the Matchbox uses a glass phosphorus plate to adjust color temperature; and it comes with either at 2700k, 3200k, 4300k, or 5600k plate, but you can switch out the plates for different temps.


The Matchbox only pulls 13 watts of power and outputs roughly 37 foot candles at 3′, making it one of the more powerful LEDs I’ve seen in its size. If you’re looking for a great on-camera option, this is definitely worth a gander.


It has dimmable output and is completely flicker free; so you can shoot higher frame rates or shutter speeds without getting any distortion in the image. And the Matchbox runs silent so it won’t be an issue when shooting with audio in a tight space.


LED panels usually don’t have focusable lenses, and neither does the Matchbox. But if you’re looking for a solid flood light, Cineo is a great option boasting nearly 160° spread, which makes it perfect for lighting cars or small spaces with minimal fixtures.


The Matchbox is available through Adorama or it can be found from local dealers. It’ll set you back ~$460, which may be pricey for a camera mounted light, but the quality and power you get from the fixture are well worth the price. More information about the Matchbox is available on Cineo’s site.






Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Cineo Matchbox

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