The Jog is Funding on Kickstarter!

Well everybody, the time has come. The Jog is getting ready to move into production. We’ll be shooting at the end of November and immediately moving into post-production. But in order to make the project the absolute best, we need a little bit of funding.


Enter Kickstarter. We’re using the crowdfunding site as a way to fund The Jog. It’s great for backers because it’s an easy way to donate to the project and reap some awesome rewards in the process. Check out the campaign here:

If you can’t donate to the project, share the page with you friends, relatives, co-workers, and the world! Getting the word out is a big part of making this project a success.

We also launched a Facebook page for the project. Support us by liking the page; and you’ll updates about the project.


A little about the project:

All his life Marty has been overweight. But, after 17 years of marriage, his beautiful, fit wife, Karen, has decided it’s too much. In a push to make him lose weight, Karen has left Marty until he can get his life together.

“The Jog” follows Marty, a morbidly obese man in his mid-30’s, as he attempts to exercise for the first time in his life. However, his body doesn’t like the decision and rebels against him.

Marty’s knees, lungs, and stomach (shown as voices) degrade Marty and convince him that sitting on the couch with a box of donuts is far superior to running. His brain joins Marty’s side and helps to fend off the other body parts; showing Marty that he needs to lose weight not only for his wife, but for himself.

The Team:

922870_691773190033_571533298_nI’ll be producing The Jog, but I’ve pulled together some amazing talent to help make it. This past summer, Cooper Justus ( and I worked on developing the script and creating an awesome story to mold the film around.

1003113_10201254914832290_1135520340_nI’ve also brought Aaron Mills (, a friend from the MFA Directing program at Columbia College, onto the project to direct it. Aaron’s got some really ingenious ideas that are going to help the film pop.

Stay tuned for more information about the rest of the creative team!
As we move further down the road, I’ll be updating both this blog and the Facebook page with information about the key crew members, how the funding is going, and some fun ways to interact with the story. So, make sure you follow us here and/or “like” the FB page. And any help you can give by donating or sharing the Kickstarter campaign would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


The Jog is Funding on Kickstarter!

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