Jag35 SmallRig C300 “Helmet” System: Assembly and Review

I’ve been looking for a way to replace the Canon C300 top handle without spending an arm and a leg, and the “helmet” system I was able to piece together from Jag35 is pretty solid.

Jag35 SmallRig C300 "Helmet" System: Assembly and Review

Their new SmallRig line of products tailors to the higher end market; and just like with their DSLR products, they’re a great low-cost option versus Zacuto, RedRock Micro, and Wooden Camera.

Jag35 SmallRig C300 "Helmet" System: Assembly and Review

Check out the video review and assembly here:

Jag35 SmallRig C300 “Helmet” Assembly and Review from Jeremy Widen on Vimeo.

What I love most about this line is that you can buy the Jag system as a base and, because it’s NATO based, expand with any other brands’ products. So, instead of buying the entire helmet system from Zacuto, you can buy the base from Jag and just the monitor relocation parts from Zacuto, and end up saving some money.

Jag35 SmallRig C300 "Helmet" System: Assembly and Review

The SmallRig line is built strong and has really stood up on set. So, if you’re in the market to expand your camera rigging kit, Jag35 is a great option. You can find all the new products here.

Jag35 SmallRig C300 "Helmet" System: Assembly and Review


Video Text:

“Hi. I’m Jeremy with Widen Media. Today we’re taking a look at some of the new products in Jag35’s SmallRig lineup.

The SmallRig line of mounting accessories is a big step for Jag. It’s their first major departure from the DSLR centric realm. And they’ve got some great options for higher end cameras.

Everyone that’s ever used a C300 knows how janky the supplied top handle is, and I’ve been looking for a way to replace it for a while. Zacuto and Wooden Camera have awesome solutions, but are a little on the pricey side.

With the new products from Jag we now have a low-cost helmet option for the c300. The setup we’re looking at is 4 units:

  • Top handle with NATO rail block
  • C300 Top Plate
  • C300 Side Arms
  • 1/4”-20 Cold Shoe Mount

Assembly of the helmet system is simple and only takes a few screws to assemble. The top plate screws into the shoe mount of the C300. Then after removing the sensor plane screws, attach the side arms with two ¼-20” screws and an M4 screw. The side arms have an M4 female connector for reattaching the sensor plane screws. The NATO rail attaches to the top plate with two more screws and the top handle slides onto the NATO rail. The cold shoe mount can screw onto any ¼-20” hole. I attached it to the top handle for use with the C300 monitor.

I want to start by saying that this setup is rock solid. Once the top plate with side arms is mounted, the Jag helmet system isn’t moving. And the same goes for the NATO handle.

The top plate has plenty of 1/4-20” mounting holes. But with the design of the side arms, the mounting options on the side of the top plate are cut off. So it becomes a question of, do you want more mounting options or more security? If the top plate and side arms we’re combined into one piece we would have both.

Since the top plate is utilizing the camera’s shoe mount, and the NATO handle doesn’t have one, you need to also attach a cold shoe mount to be able to use the c300’s monitor. Ultimately it’s not a big issue, but having some mounting options built into the handle, like Zacuto’s recoil handle, would add a lot of utility to the rig.

Using the top plate in conjunction with NATO rails adds a ton of versatility to the c300 rig. You can run two rails on top, and one in the front and use any brands’ NATO based accessories to expand your kit.

I’ve been using the Jag35 SmallRig helmet system for my c300 for the last few months, and I’ve gotten to see how it handles on set. Aside from the side arms taking up the sides of the top handle, I’m in love with how it’s been handling. The mounts are strong and make me feel comfortable holding a fully kitted out c300 by the top handle.

If you’re looking for some solid mounting and rigging options for your cameras, definitely give Jag35 a look. It will run you about half the price of other brands and will make your life on set worlds easier. You can find more info on the SmallRig line at jag35.com. Thanks for checking out the review, leave questions and comments below, and check back soon for the next one.”

Jag35 SmallRig C300 "Helmet" System: Assembly and Review





Jag35 SmallRig C300 “Helmet” System: Assembly and Review

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