I’m Back!

Hey guys. I know it’s been a really slow start to the 2016 blogging year; I took a few months to step away from blogging to recharge and reassess. And now that NAB 2016 is upon us I think this is the perfect time to come back in full swing. Following NAB I’ll be doing a Top 10 list from the show, and that’s going to launch me into a series of reviews and tutorials. I’ll also be launching two new series on my love of beer and a recently found passion, woodworking. These series haven’t been named yet but there are great thing on the way with them, so stay tuned for when those unroll.

I’ll be approaching all of my blogs from a more personal and passionate place, which will hopefully give you all better content to read. So keep your eye out for the first post back after NAB.

See you all soon.

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