Hyperlapse Review

With the release of the iPhone 6 and iOS8 there are bound to be a ton of new video apps on the horizon. But one you can get right now, right this very minute (as long as you’re already on iOS7) is Hpyerlapse (apple.com).


Hyperlapse is a new video tool from Instagram that utlilizes the cameras built-in gyroscope to stabilize your video. It then calculates your movements and anchors them together to help create smooth looking videos. Instagram has a great post about the technology behind the app if you want a more in-depth description.


Once you’ve captured your video, you then choose your playback speed (anywhere from 1x speed to 12x speed). This allows you to make timelapse style videos really quickly. Or you can playback at 1x or 2x speed and have really good looking smooth shots.

Check out these quick test shots I did with Hyperlapse:

Hyperlapse Test Shots from Jeremy Widen on Vimeo.

When I get a chance I’ll shoot some better tests, but I wanted to see its performance before I invested some serious time into the tests.

You don’t have to have an Instagram account to use Hyperlapse, which is good for me since I don’t use it. But it’s really simple to use and offers you the ability to quickly post your hyperlapses to social media (including Instagram) or to save the video to your camera roll.


As of right now there are no editing or filter options on the app. But, if they’re smart (which I’m hoping they are), Instagram will at least release an update with the option to join multiple hyperlapses together within the app.


For best results anything shot with fast motion or where you’re really moving the camera should be played back at slower speeds; leaving the faster playbacks for moments that take longer to happen (like a traditional timelapse). Also, for longer recordings you should mount the iPhone to something stable to reduce the amount of shock in your video.


Obviously there are some drawbacks to shooting timelapses or stabilized shots with Hyperlapse. But most of those have to do with the camera in the iPhone, and not with the software. But with the improved camera in the soon-to-be-coming iPhone6 I expect to see some solid looking videos being shot with Hyperlapse. You can get Hyperlapse from the app store or itunes here: apple.com.





Hyperlapse Review

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