Grad School Week 4,5,6

I haven’t posted about my experiences in the Columbia College Creative Producing MFA program for the last three weeks. I know, I’ve been bad. But, I’ve also been absolutely swamped; both with school work, and with work-work. But, here’s the summary for the last three weeks.

Orientation was… well, it was boring. Since we had been in class for three weeks already, it didn’t do a whole lot. But, I did get a little bit of useful info. Here’s a group shot of all the directors and producers:



Business and Legal, with Don Smith ( Don is fucking awesome. He’s full of great quotes and useful information. The class itself isn’t like the typical business or legal class; he’s structured it more as a conversation than as a lecture. And I for one really appreciate that. It makes the subject a lot more bearable. But we’re covering the usual stuff: contracts, business entities, financing, insurance, etc.


Writing for Producers, with Karen Loop ( Karen is also full of her own one liners. The class, as would be assumed, is pretty intense; a lot of reading, a lot of creating, a lot of writing. But it too is done in such a way that it’s not draining. This class will be the one I learn the most from this semester.


Acquisition, Development, and Presentation, with Carolina Posse. It sounds more intense than it actually is. Basically, it’s another writing class. But further down in the semester with have to acquire the rights to a short story, and I’m stoked on starting that process. Being a Wednesday morning class, it’s a little rough on the senses. But, having the rest of the day off after class helps a lot.


Thursdays, for now mean internship time. I got an awesome opportunity to work with a rental house in town, Magnanimous Media ( What does that mean for me? It means I get to play with all the sweetest toys. Hopefully the Black Magic Cinema Camera will ship before my term ends… Starting in October, and just for that month, we will have an added fourth class, Cinema Studies. I’ll have more info on that once it actually starts.


More awesome gear is to be had on Fridays. I love it.


Weekends are for shoots. I’m trying to build my freelance network out here. So, if anyone knows of any shoots that need an extra pair of hands, let me know. Later on, I’ll also be having school shoots to be on.

That’s the basic gist of it. There’s a lot of work, and it keeps me extremely busy. So, I’ll try to still do a weekly update, but I won’t let it go more than three without a post. I’m also working on some more gear related posts that will come out in the next few weeks. And my Aviator Jib ( should be coming in November, so stay on the lookout for that.

I’ll leave you with the video for My Sweet Clementine (, my friend Nico van den Berg’s ( thesis film that I was Script Supervisor for:

[vimeo w=500&h=213]

My Sweet Clementine from Nico van den Berg on Vimeo.

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