Freelancing: The First Month

Now that I’m finally done with grad school (with the exception of finishing The Jog) it’s time to get to work; and this is the first time that I’ve been a full-time freelancer. Going into my first month I was a bit concerned, but it’s been a busy month (to which I’m grateful). I’ve worked with some amazing friends and filmmakers on some pretty kick ass projects.


At the start of my working in San Francisco I was lucky enough to be brought in as 1st AC on a short film, The Assessment, with a good friend (and awesome DP) Chris Marino (@chrisMmarino). We shot on the FS700 outputting to the Odyssey 7Q. The shoot was great and the footage looked stellar. But most importantly I was able to connect with other filmmakers and show them what I can do. It may have been a pro-bono gig, but I definitely still got a lot out of it.


The weekend following the shoot Loretta and I were walking Zero at Stern Grove and were approached by a photography crew that was shooting still of dogs about taking some shots of our corg. Of course we obliged (can’t wait to see the shots), but I also managed to connect with the photographer, Mark Rogers ( The next weekend he brought me in as a photo assistant.


I got brought in by my old studio, Beyond Pix (, to DP a short promotional piece for FlipClip, an app that allows you to easily create animated photo albums. The idea behind the shoot was that it was going to all be POV, which meant that I had to operate without using my hands. Enter the helmet cam. The director, Josh Hittleman (@joshhittleman) and I ran around San Francisco tethered together in what looked like a remote-controlled-camera-man-bot rig.




BP also brought me in to 1st AC for some other jobs. One of which was a killer spot for Hitachi that we shot on the F5 in a combination of standard speed and over-cranked shots. Since the World Cup is going on the promo was about soccer and we shot some really funny stuff with “the worst soccer players ever.” I got to work with John Behrens ( who I learned a lot from on top of having a great time on set.




And while we’re on the subject of Beyond Pix, I’ve rejoined the broadcast team as a freelancer. Since I’ve been gone they’ve updated their system and I had to be retrained… by the guy that I trained to take my spot… Sort of a surreal experience, but Kyle (@kylehd7) and I have become really good friends and I’m glad to come into the studio as his relief from the early morning and late night shots.


My last project of the month was a really interesting experience. I was hired to follow a group from the UK as they traveled around the area visiting different robotics companies. Everyone in the group was either an engineer or company executive from UK-based robotics startups that were here learning how to grow their businesses. I learned more about robots than I’ll ever need. But it was a great (even though it was long) day of shooting; and I shot some of the best interviews I’ve ever shot.


Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.06.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.07.24 PM

I went into this month expecting to only have a handful of jobs. But once I started working the jobs just kept coming in. I’m still worried about being a freelancer full-time, but if this month is any indication then I won’t be worried for long. In the meantime I’m still continuing to work on building out my studio and I’ll have some new blogs coming out more regularly now that I’m settled.





Freelancing: The First Month

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