Deconstructing My Blogroll: Frugal Filmmaker, DSLR Film Noob, The Black and Blue

A few weeks ago I posted about the first three sites I go to for information on filmmaking (3 Daily Stops for Film Industry News). I’ve gotten some responses on that post asking where else I go to stay up-to-date. I’ve decided to deconstruct my blogroll three sites at a time.

This first (or is this technically the second?) edition I will be focusing on the Frugal Filmmaker (, the DSLR Film Noob (, and The Black and Blue (

The Frugal Filmmaker

Scott Eggleston (@frugalfilmmaker), aka the Frugal Filmmaker, is a filmmaker out of Utah that focuses on budget, DIY, and all-around frugal ways to make films. I visit this site pretty regularly. Scott’s setup is pretty solid. He has a number of DIY film projects (Like the Budget Light Kit that I modeled my light kit off of. For more information on both our kits, check out the NoFilmSchool post about them: His projects range everywhere from PVC rigs to camera rigging, and even has a DIY slate for $8 (

Scott also does a weekly Q&A that he shoots in his car. Accompanied with the recap is a list of links to other budget friendly tools. He also has a series of videos about what you can get on a dollar budget. While some of the info that the Frugal Filmmaker puts out doesn’t fit for some situations, a lot of his stuff is really useful.

DSLR Film Noob

This site goes beyond just DSLR stuff. Deejay Scharton (@DSLRFILMNOOB) hails from Nebraska and his site, much like the Frugal Filmmaker, is chock full of low-cost (usually) solutions. What I really like about the noob site is the supreme nerdiness of it. Deejay has a lot of electronic hacks that make working with DSLR cameras easier. He also has two (that I know of) 3D printers that allow him to manufacture his own small products that are available in the perfectly named Noob Store.

Deejay posts about new gear of all types, he puts out DIY videos, and he posts great deals on used gear. More recently, he started a weekly podcast. Check out the second episode here:


The Black and Blue

For this week I wanted to add in a site that doesn’t focus on building DIY gear. The Black and Blue is run by Evan Luzi (@evanluzi), who a working AC (assistant camera) and mainly posts about set skills and etiquette. Evan’s got a ton of useful information for anyone looking to get into the camera department, and he readily doles out healthy doses of know-how. Evan talks about the realities of filmmaking from an AC’s view.


One of my favorite things that Evan does are the books and guides. He just put out 20 new camera pocket guides in a digital format for everyone to download (, all 20 are only $15. These things are super helpful if you’re working on multiple camera formats. Perhaps one of the best things on The Black and Blue is Evan’s e-book “Becoming the Reel Deal: How to Launch Your Career in the Film Industry” ( The guides and the e-book are good reads, and will really help anyone who’s trying to break into the industry.

If you’ve got some time go ahead and check out Scott, Deejay, and Evan’s sites. They’ve all got a lot of information compiled for the masses. The best part about all three is their willingness to share their knowledge with everyone. And just like me, I’m sure they’d love to read your comments and connect with you on the social interwebs.

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