Behind The Scenes: Branding and Marketing “The Jog” Film

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m excited to share with you the behind the scenes of a work in progress project with Jeremy Widen on his thesis film “The Jog”. While working with Jeremy, I’ve learned so much about the film making process and find it absolutely fascinating.

The Look Book


Ikan IFB-1024 LED Light Review

Going into production of my Columbia College thesis film, The Jog (, I knew I was going to be needing something a little different for lighting.

Most of the film takes place outdoors, which means using natural light or having a generator. We wanted to have lights for making the punch ins easier, but also didn’t want to hassle with running lines and dealing with noise from the generator; meaning that our lights had to be battery-powered. The first thing that came to mind were LED panel lights.