Apologies and What's on the Docket

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for not keeping up with the new schedule. The past two months have been crazy hectic, but after this weekend, it should be slowing down.

As far as the Grad School posts, my semester is almost over, so I’ll be doing a massive post on that once classes end.

Next week I’ll be putting out Monthly Inspiration for November. Here’s a hint: It’s got rhythm.

I’ve also got a slew of gear posts coming up. Some stuff from Ikan, a new lens, and a jib!… once it actually comes in.

I’ll also fill you guys in on all the productions I’ve had in the last few months… There’s a lot.

Also, this month is Novembeard (only one more day) and I’m getting hairy. A timelapse will be following.

So, stay tuned for more info! Thanks everyone.



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