As a cinematographer it’s my job to make sure that the images captured for a project are as beautiful and stimulating as possible to really evoke the emotion of the piece. I love using and manipulating light and subtle camera movement to create that emotion. For the last 7 years I have made filmmaking my profession, my hobby, and my passion.

I work as a freelance cinematographer, camera operator, assistant camera, and editor; I also do some light producing work on the side. I have worked on everything from feature and short narratives, to documentaries, to commercials and PSAs, and even a few TV pilots.

I completed my MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia College Chicago in May of 2014 and moved back home to San Francisco with my wife and our dog, Zero. I live and work in the San Francisco area; but I love traveling and working in other cities, and I can work local in both LA and the Chicagoland area.