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This is Loretta Robinson writing to you from LorettaMay Design and Creatively Driven. I’m a designer, blogger, and branding nut. I love branding; It’s my life blood. Where you guys might get all tingly over using a Red or some fancy schmancy gear, I get that way over branding.

I’m here today to let you in on Jeremy’s secret to success. Aside from being an extremely hard-working, very knowledgeable, and well liked by everyone, Jeremy started off with a really strong brand. Who branded him? Well me of course!


iPhone Lens Set Review

A while back I was interested in using my iPhone for taking nice stills while on the go and wanted to get some lenses for it, because why not? I found this set of 3 lenses on Amazon ( for … .50 with shipping. They were cheap enough that if they didn’t work it was no harm no foul. But luckily, the set was worth the minimal investment.


Monthly Inspiration: Parkour

Monthly Inspiration is a blog series that’s about what inspires me; filmmakers, styles, actors, scripts… each month, I’ll cover one new piece of inspiration. Hopefully I can turn you on to something that will inspire you as well.

For the last few installments of MI I’ve focused on actors and directors. I wanted to turn to something else for this month, and I can think of few other things in my life that are as influential as parkour. Parkour is a sport that is defined by its fluid movement, grace, strength, and conditioning. Originally started in France, and technically classified as a martial art, parkour has taken roots across the globe, including in the US.

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Behind The Scenes: Branding and Marketing “The Jog” Film

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m excited to share with you the behind the scenes of a work in progress project with Jeremy Widen on his thesis film “The Jog”. While working with Jeremy, I’ve learned so much about the film making process and find it absolutely fascinating.

The Look Book


Klondike Mini-Series Review

In early 2014 the Discovery Channel embarked on a completely new endeavor: scripted narrative television. Until Klondike ( premiered in January of 2014 the network had never had scripted narrative. Due to the success of original programming on AMC, HBO, and through Netflix, other channels that have been known to not have scripted shows (IE: History Channel’s Vikings (, Hatfields and McCoys (, and now Klondike) are trying the format out. The question is, “Has the Discovery Channel succeeded with Klondike? And will they create more new content now that the mini-series is completely aired?”