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Because I’m on summer break from Columbia College I’ve been browsing the job boards with a lot more fervor than usual; and I’ve noticed a trend in the listings that really angers me. It seems like every posting for production assistants (PA’s) wants to get the work done for free. I’ve noticed a few posting that go as far as asking for entire crews for free. As a producer, and an experienced filmmaker, I see a lot of things wrong with this.


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I was talking with a group of people recently about our inspirations. Everyone agreed upon most of the usual suspects (Tarantino, Scorsese, Kubrik, etc), but somebody in the group brought up Robert Redford (Purchasing Tramadol Overnight). It took me a minute to scan through everything he’s done, and after that minute, I had to agree.


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A while ago, I helped fund Jared Abrams and Wide Open Camera’s Kickstarter campaign for the “Combat Cage.” Check out the campaign here: Cheap Tramadol Cod. It recently came in, and I’ve been putting it through the paces with my GoPro Hero3 for the last few weeks.

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I’ve been in San Francisco the last few weeks, and I finally got a chance to see World War Z (Order Tramadol From Mexico) when we came back to Chicago. Since they first announced a film version of Max Brooks’ zombie novel, World War Z, I’ve been tossing over whether or not I was excited for it. I’m a big fan of the book, and of Max Brooks in general. And all while I was reading the book I thought, “this would make a great movie.” Then when I started seeing previews and hearing about the production, I started getting weary.